I think I know what I want to draw next…

Smaller on the outside

Smaller on the outside

A big gigantic drawing of the inside of the TARDIS.  How awesome would that be?  ((Photo courtesy of Foomandoonian))

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Was This Made on a MakerBot?!

Doctor Who Christmas Special 2010: A Christmas Carol

Doctor Who Christmas Special 2010: A Christmas Carol

Netflix has nearly all of the “new series” Doctor Who episodes available for online streaming.  As a guy who grew up watching the show, having it on tap is just plain awesome.  Unfortunately, Netflix does not carry one my favorite episodes ever – the Doctor Who Christmas Special from 2010 entitled, “A Christmas Carol.”  You can’t get the DVD from Netflix and you can’t watch it online.

Thankfully, Amazon does have this episode in their video library.  Watching it just now I noticed something at 44:44 – a small model of what appears to be the Empire State Building.  The screenshot appears above.

So, what do you think?  Does that Empires State Building look as if it was printed on a 3D printer?


Doctor Who Season 6 TSP Single Line Drawing

Doctor Who Season 6 TSP Single Line Drawing

I have been having SO MUCH FUN with traveling salesman problem / single line art!  I can’t wait to draw some of these with my DrawBot!

And, really, how much more perfect could this project get?  It’s a TSP nerdy math single line art drawing of my favorite sci-fi show for drawing with a robot I built using printed parts from my 3D printing robot. 1 2 3

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  1. Oh, nirvana! []
  2. I suppose the only way to make it better is to draw the image on a pizza using spray cheese. []
  3. Actually, I take that back.  Ew. []

Doctor Who Season 6 on Netflix Streaming!!!


Now, I’ve already seen Doctor Who Season 6.  I liked it, but, on the whole, not as much as Season 5.  Why am I so excited then?

Because now I can delete these episodes off our DVR and watch them, unedited, without commercials just as god intended.

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TARDIS’s are more practical than you might think…

You could use a prop TARDIS for a tool shed, chicken coop, garden shed, file cabinet, etc.1

But, as I was watching that video of Sillysparrowness build her TARDIS, I couldn’t help thinking…  This is a time and relative dimensions in space device – why does it need to be enclosed?  As long as you are going to use it as a prop, rather than as a storage device of some sort, you would really only need the front, the left or right panel, and the top.  Admittedly, then you could only take front or 3/4 perspective view shots.  If it were modular, the left and right sides could be swapped back and forth so you could take a left or right-sided 3/4 view picture.

If constructed in such a fashion it wouldn’t take up much room if you were to put it facing into a corner.2

  1. A place to change clothes very quickly before you go off to save the world? []
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She built her own TARDIS!

I just can’t help it.  I’m such a sucker for DIY Doctor Who stuff.1

Until now I had only known about Project Dalek for people who wanted to build replica Daleks.  I suppose I should have known, but never thought to have looked it up, that there’s a whole website devoted to building TARDIS’s.  This lady’s build log on that site is nearly as entertaining as her Youtube video.

  1. Ladies and gentlemen of the jury…  Exhibit A! []

Fakegrimlock… how could you?!

Everyone has to take a stand somewhere.  Mine is with WordPress.  Fakegrimlock, how could you?!  I’m pretty damned sure the REAL Grimlock would NEVER say such a thing. 12

Just for this, I’m only going to keep your awesome artwork as my desktop background for a slightly shorter duration than my normal background.

And, for good measure, Kevin is now my favorite robot dinosaur.3

  1. Plus, I mean, just who the hell is a robot dinosaur to give out opinions on the benefits of one blogging/CMS platform over another?  With those itty bitty arms, there’s no freaking way they could do a decent bit of code review. []
  2. Also, just how the hell does a robot dinosaur tweet?! []
  3. Seriously, though – why was I not consulted on this?  Robots, dinosaurs, and Doctor Who is like 95% of this blog’s content! []