New Design: Sonic Screwdriver

Those of you who are not fans of Doctor Who may want to just skip this post.

In any case, what I’d really like to do is to design and print a life-size model of a sonic screwdriver.  Ideally it would have a spot for inserting an LED, space for a battery, switch, and be able to extend just as the one in the TV show.

Until then, here’s a sonic screwdriver cookie cutter.

10 Responses to “New Design: Sonic Screwdriver”

  1. Tony Buser says:

    Designing a printable sonic screwdriver model has been on my todo list for a while now! I’m thinking multiple sections that slot together in different colored ABS and a PLA dome on top with an LED inside.

  2. MakerBlock says:

    Well, let’s collaborate. I was thinking along the same lines – ABS/PLA LED BBQ. To start – which version of the sonic screwdriver?

  3. Tony Buser says:

    Ultimachine sells some silver, green, and brown PLA that might make perfect colors for the 11th Doctor’s sonic: I’m especially interested to see what that brown PLA looks like when printed. I wonder if it looks like brass.

    Their blue translucent PLA might make for an excellent 10th Doctor’s tip: The 10th Doctor’s would be easier to design.

  4. MakerBlock says:

    Right now I only have black ABS, clear PLA, and natural ABS. I would probably print in natural and clear and paint to spec. One of my main concerns is the amount of small fiddly bits. Will it be better to design it in vertical pieces that snap together or as a set of vertically interlocking rings and tubes? I did find a really good close up pic of the 11th doc’s that should be a good guide for us. I bet we could even build it spring loaded using a ball point pen spring…

  5. MakerBlock says:

    FYI, the animated GIF in that ThinkGeek link is exactly the one I was thinking of as a good close up pic of the 11th doc’s screwdriver. It can easily be sliced up in GIMP into the two open/closed positions.
    11th Doc\s Screwdriver

  6. Tony Buser says:

    I re-saved it in open and closed state:

    I’ve never printed anything that screwed together, so I don’t know how hard it would be. I was just thinking of making hollow tubes that press-fit together. Also, this is how I was thinking of breaking it down:

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  8. Victor says:

    but the actual prop has a display window..that shows the doctor various readings…this is missing from the toy

  9. MakerBlock says:

    @Victor: Is there really a display? I’ve literally never seen it. I’ve seen the doctor point his sonic screwdriver at stuff and gaze intently at it since 2005, but I have yet to see any display on any screwdriver. (The sonic from the future in Silence in the Library doesn’t count). However, if you’ve got a picture, I’d love to see it.