Current projects

Some of my current MakerBot related projects:

  • Trying to improve build quality.   I’m trying to tune up the hardware before I start to fiddle with Skeinforge in earnest.  I’d also like to replace one or more of my threaded rods as at least one has a warp significant enough to affect build quality.
  • Printable axis tensioners.  I want to design a set of tensioners for all three axes.  Right now I’ve got a draft for the Y axis that needs to be revised.
  • Printstruder.  I’ve finished the idler bracket, but still need to print all the rest of the parts.
  • Chess set.  Since I’ve got WAY more black ABS then the natural (off-white) color, I want to finish dialing in the print quality on the black ABS before I start print up the white pieces.
  • Chess/game board.  I’d like to design a modular board for printing out of ABS.  I’m thinking I would need three different kinds of pieces – corner, edge, and interior pieces.  I’m thinking of a connector system somewhere in-between a puzzle piece and laminate flooring, if that makes any sense at all.  Plus, being modular, you could store the pieces and board in a small box/bag.
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