The first version of ProfileMaker was released on 8/2/2011 and optimized for stepper-based extruders and Skeinforge 35 bundled with ReplicatorG 24. Since then the configuration settings for Skeinforge have been renamed and moved around.  If you can find the new spots, these settings should still work for you.

Congratulations - you may just have printed your last calibration cube!

This is the ProfileMaker powered by the formula in Dave Durant's Profileinator. Hover your mouse over the name of an option for more information. Photo courtesy of John Abella
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Update: 7/13/2012:  It has come to my attention that Skeinforge has moved some settings around since I wrote this more than a year ago.  The values are still good and should still give you a good quality print – but you’ll have to do a little extra legwork to find the proper place for them.  If you want to help out by sending me an e-mail suggesting how I can update this, I’d be grateful.

Update 1/21/2012:  I broke some things while trying to fix other things.  I believe I’ve now fixed all the those things.  :)

Update 1/20/2012:  Okay!  I got mixed responses to those changes!  I’ve changed things again!

Update 1/13/2012:  I’ve simplified the interface.  I hope you like it!

Update 8/1/2011:  I’m still e-mailing my web host trying to get to the bottom of this website’s high resource usage.  I’ve gotten the resources down somewhat and will start to re-enable features one-by-one, starting with ProfileMaker.

Update 7/19/2011:  ProfileMaker has been disabled for a few days and I’m still tweaking my server.  In the meantime, definitely try out Dave Durant’s Profilinator.  ProfileMaker uses the exact same math as in Dave’s program.

Update 7/8/2011:  Okay, I’m going to try fully disabling ProfileMaker.

Update 7/5/2011:  I’m going to try just disabling the complete profile generation and e-mail feature and see if that reduces the server load.  If enough people comment saying that they miss that feature, I’ll find a way to bring it back.

Welcome to ProfileMaker v2.0! v3.0! [Updated 4/8/11] This is a Skeinforge setting generator based on Dave’s Profileinator. Right now it will only work for a MakerBot MK6 or other stepper extruder, but I’m working on a DC motor version1 .  The outputs are intended for Skeinforge 35 bundled with ReplicatorG 24.  Poke around, kick the tires, and try out a new profile!  It has the ability to e-mail you a completed profile, if you wish.  Be sure and check your spam folder for the e-mail if you use this option.

  1. Such as the MakerBot MK4-MK5 []

105 Responses to “ProfileMaker”

  1. José says:

    Hi Makerblock, Again thanks for all your help, I am using Makerbot Gen 4 Electronics.

    I will try the sanding procedure, a 100 sanding paper sound right?

    I have some questions about skeinforge, how do I increase the width of the first layer? And the higher temperature?
    Also is it possible to measure the distance for the Z cero homing, some prints I made of the movember and other pices seem to show that this distance is critical, even than a 0.2mm change makes a great difference.

    Thanks agin.


  2. MakerBlock says:

    @Jose: 100 grit sanding paper is fine. Basically, anything is okay as long as you only sand it a little and only in one direction.

    Actually, I don’t know how to increase the width of the first layer. However, you can adjust the first layer’s speed in the “speed” section of Skeinforge.

    The best way to calibrate your Z height is to put your print head on the print bed and raise it just enough that a piece of a paper can just pass underneath. Actually, I try to make sure my Z height is calibrated to and my print bed is leveled to within 0.005 mm.

  3. J says:

    I’m trying to make a raft with skeinforge that doesn’t stick to the model, but I’m a bit confused by the terms used in the profilemaker – they don’t seem to translate very well to makerware anymore. Any suggestions?

    Also having problems with the first layer sticking to the painter’s tape. It gets all furry/balled up making the rest of the process useless.

    I want to have a layer height of .1, using replicator 2 (nozzle .4mm) and using faberdashery PLA which the site states is 1.75mm

    So far I’ve just been using the “high” profile.

  4. MakerBlock says:

    @J: I wrote ProfileMaker nearly two years ago – and long before MakerWare. If you’re using MakerWare, definitely go with that – ProfileMaker won’t help you. ProfileMaker is really only useful if you’re rocking Skeinforge.

    Having first layer problems doesn’t have a lot to do with ReplicatorG/SKeinforge. Chances are you need to dial in your robot’s Z-height calibration better.

    As for your PLA, there is literally no substitute for measuring the filament yourself. You cannot skip this step. 1.75mm is as much a marketing term as a MPG is on a car. And, every roll of plastic you get will need to be independently measured.

    But, for now try dialing in your Z height a little closer and measuring your filament’s diameter and see if that fixes your problem.

  5. […] for good prints. While I was poking around the web I found a site that has a Profile Maker that helps you adjust your settings in Skeinforge. So, I am giving it a try but since I am at work […]

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