Okay, that was a bad idea…

I missed out on several episodes of The Walking Dead when the second half of season two returned in mid-February.  Since AMC was going to re-air season two episodes before last night’s season finale, I figured I’d just wait until the marathon was mostly over and watch everything, including the finale, without commercials.  The second half of season two was great with all the scares and drama I’d come to expect.

I’m just not sure it was worth an entire nighttime of dreams about trying to surviving the zombie apocalypse.  Lemme tell you, I coulda used a commercial break a few times.

One Response to “Okay, that was a bad idea…”

  1. John Cliff says:

    If you havent already, read world war Z by max brooks. Brilliant book, done as series of interviews with survivors of the zombie war, although as with this post, read in small doses if you dont want to dream about it… (I learnt that the hard way too!)