On Open Data

I saw this video the other day (I think as a result of someone’s Tweet?) and just around to watching it now.  The things people built using data that had been opened up from the government was pretty incredible.

Interestingly, I have a totally different website that operates by only using data that is already freely available from the government.  If I had more data from the government, my site would be even more useful to my demographic.1

All of this, the video, my own website, got me thinking – if the data from the government can be released as “open data” – in what ways is our government already open source?  We know the laws that supposedly govern us and our administrators…  I suppose, open source is the ideal upon which our government was founded in the first place.

Video from Streetfilms covered by PlanetGreen/Discovery.com Tweeted by PlanetGreen RT’d by clothbot.

  1. There’s a MUCH longer story in there that’s not very interesting. []
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