Dinosaurs with lasers

There’s a new poll to the right. Basically, “Should Makerbot hire MakerBlock to blog for them?” So, take 5 seconds and cast your vote. Then, on to pictures of dinosaurs with lasers!!!

Origami dinosaurs plus a laser

Origami dinosaurs plus a laser

4 Responses to “Dinosaurs with lasers”

  1. Kliment says:

    Technically, the poll says “Should MakerBot hire MakerBot to blog for them?”. What should they pay themselves?

  2. Dna says:

    ‘cept it says “Should MakerBot hire MakerBot to blog for them?” LOL

    I said no. I’d prefer to keep your plasticised dribble in a separate rss feed from the official Makerbot stuff. :D

    Just kidding, I think you’d be awesome and I can’t understand why they didn’t just hire you and not worry about advertising for it.


  3. MakerBlock says:

    @Dna, @Kliment: Doh! You guys are right. I corrected that.

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