New design: Rubik’s Cube (sorta)

Rubik's Cube for Dummies

Rubik's Cube for Dummies

I’ve already posted about how much I like TomZ’s simplified version of a Rubik’s cube.  Only problem is that I wasn’t able to encourage my MakerBot to print it.  Taking into account some of my ideas, I’ve designed a derivative.  It’s 4:45am at the moment – not a good time to have my MakerBot tooting and beeping.  ;)

Here’s what I’ve done with this version:

  1. Oriented the STL so it is immediately printable
  2. Run the STL through NetFabb to make sure it is manifold
  3. Reduced the number of unique printed parts from 5 to 2
  4. Put the STL together in such a way that you can print up two of the STL’s for a total of 6 parts, ready to be assembled
  5. Shrunk-ified the nubs for that fit into the center pieces
  6. Enlargened the grooves for the nubs
  7. Oriented the three parts so that they would use a minimal raft
  8. Changed the design so it will accommodate a nut/bolt attachment system rather than several additional plastic parts that must be glued together

In a future iteration, I hope to change the middle pieces so that all you need to do is snap the two middle pieces together.  Also, I’d like to incorporate any design suggestions from people who have tested this version.

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