Two weeks later

On April 14 I posted that ProfileMaker had served up 209 profiles to 58 people.  As of right now there’s 598 profiles and 144 people served.  That’s a lot of repeat business! 1  The number of people increased by 100%, the number of uses went up by 200%, and the amount of my awesome went up by 37%. 2

I figure this means either:

  • People really like it and are using it a lot
  • People really hate it and they are clicking the same button over and over again cursing my name

I hope it is the first one.

  1. And, by business I mean people clicking a button on a free web service []
  2. I’m rounding here []

2 Responses to “Two weeks later”

  1. Sven Hecht says:

    We want more RepRap specific features!

  2. MakerBlock says:

    @Sven: I take it RepRap specific features such as taking into account the gearing ratios? This is a little vague…