Some would call it OCD, others attention to detail.

When I originally uploaded the STL file for my Leonardo Voltron I discovered that the figure was facing away from the “camera” in the rendering.  Since I had to run the model through Netfabb to fix up some minor details anyhow, I rotated the entire model 180 degrees in Sketchup, re-exported to the STL, and then put it through Netfabb.

That way, when you view the rendered image of the Voltron parts, they’re facing the viewer.

6 Responses to “Nuance”

  1. Tony Buser says:

    Hopefully that won’t be necessary one day, once this is complete: (best if viewed using a webgl enabled browser)

  2. MakerBlock says:

    @Tony Buser: That’s gorgeous!!! I wish that were embedable… :)

  3. MakerBlock says:

    @Tony Buser: Well, in fairness, that spinny image takes a while to render. Still… if you could export it as a series of frames, you could probably turn it into an animated GIF which would be super awesome. The first time it rendered it would take a while, and every time after it would essentially be instantaneous. And, you would get embedding for “free” since it would just be the inclusion of a standard image file…

  4. Tony Buser says:

    The initial rendering will be much faster soon. Also you realize you can click and drag inside there to move it around and view from any angle and scroll button to zoom?

  5. MakerBlock says:

    @Tony Buser: I did realize that. :) It’s pretty freaking awesome.