Should I pace myself?

This blog is as much for me as it is for anyone else. 1  When something occurs to me, I type it up and click “Publish.”  However, this means I’ll go days without a single post and then have a flurry of half a dozen posts.  Some of my posts languish in draft form, half-notes, jottings of ideas, etc. 2

Help me out here.  What’s better – if I pace my posts – say one a day – or just have them published as they occur to me with random gaps?

As a loyal reader, what do you prefer?  Come now, both of you can chime in.  <crickets>  Bueller?

  1. Well, the ads for other people.  I’m not allowed to click on them. []
  2. Seriously, though – how in the hell did I write more than 100 posts in February??? []

4 Responses to “Should I pace myself?”

  1. engunneer says:

    I’d say to write them up and hit publish, but set the date for the future if you think you’ve been posting too much, then it will come into feeds on a more spread-out basis.

    If you do something majorly cool and exciting, send it out immediately

  2. Cameron says:

    Just publish them as they come to you. I don’t mind reading through half a dozen posts all at once.

  3. Dave says:

    Bring the posts!

  4. ppirilla says:

    I check most websites with an RSS alert page. It feeds me headlines that serve as links to the original post on the site. The problem is that it only gives me the five most recent headlines per site.

    I browse through the links nearly every day, but if there have been more than five new posts since the last time I checked, the older posts are lost and I never see them.

    I’m not saying that you should bend your posting around my personal reading habits, but I may not be the only one who is sfected by such a situation.