Did you think this too?

I just read Nophead’s post about his Mendel making its 18th child.

First off, that’s an incredible feat.  Even under the best circumstances, the print time and amount of human intervention required of a Mendel as it builds the parts for replication is still considerable.  Eighteen more RepRaps in the world because of his hard work and determination.

Reading about his RepRap working on it’s 18th child, I just couldn’t help thinking about the Duggars.

3 Responses to “Did you think this too?”

  1. cyrozap says:

    Sorry, but the truncated feed has to go. I wanted to do that a while ago, but then I read an article (http://www.techdirt.com/articles/20100311/1809048526.shtml) and it made me decide not to do it after all. It said, “The reason that many sites push truncated feeds is the belief that it will force people to click through, and the ads on the webpage are worth a lot more than the ads found in RSS feeds. But it’s a short-sighted view. Because what it’s really doing is trying to push readers to do something that they don’t want to do. Many of them use RSS readers because it’s a more convenient way to organize and read the news they want. And, we found that by making life easier for our readers, we were able to get a lot more readers, and then that allowed us to put in place a better business model that didn’t rely on trying to trick or force them to click through.” It makes sense; I use Google Reader to keep all my news in one place, making it more convenient. If I have to click through, like with MacRumors, I get kkinda annoyed.

    I also just saw this (http://www.blogherald.com/2007/12/26/the-five-worst-ideas-in-content-theft/) and thought you should read it, too, because this is probably why you truncated your feed (I wanted to truncate mine because I wanted people to see my site and maybe click on ads).


  2. cyrozap says:

    Also, in relation to the post, Spacexula has been making a bunch of Mendel parts and selling them (he’s gotten good at making the parts. I’m still waiting on my HBP because I switched back to ABS from PLA (I was using the PLA for many months, but then I realized that I would be better off using the MakerBot with ABS, what it was designed for, and building a Mendel, which was designed for PLA).

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