Dear Polly – I can’t believe I’m writing to you again…

My friends are telling me to give you another chance.  They say you’re not so bad, that if I just put in the time things will work out.  They say you’re capable of being faithful too…

Maybe there was just too much pressure on our relationship.  Heaven knows we let things get too heated sometimes.

Was I expecting too much from you?  I thought everything would be magic and come out smelling like roses.  Things seemed to work fine at first, but they quickly turned into a big gooey mess.

Polly, I’m so confused.  After all we’ve been through, I get all choked up…  I just don’t know how I can take you back so soon.  And, well, Abby has always been there for me… 1



  1. Well, for the month and half I’ve had my MakerBot… []

7 Responses to “Dear Polly – I can’t believe I’m writing to you again…”

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