I would like to thank my agent…

…the Hollywood foreign press…

Actually, huge thanks to Dave Durant for the math and answering questions, Renosis for exhaustive testing and feedback.  Thanks also to all of the other beta testers of whom there are too many to name.  Um, they’re playing the music,…  uh, uh, Honey – we did it!  Um…  Free Tibet!  and… um…  I’m King of the World1 !!!

In seriousness, since the launch of the first ProfileMaker v1.0 less than a week ago there have been 152 profile settings generated and the beta testers generated 270 profile settings through ProfileMaker v2.0.  Version 2.0 incorporates many of the things mentioned in the recent poll. 2  Here are some of those improvements:

  • ABS as well as PLA
  • Works with 1.75 and 3mm or any filament diameter you choose
  • Ability to change the feedrate, the mysterious gear swell, and gear diameter

I’ve already begun work on ProfileMaker 3.0.  If you want to help as a beta tester, or get the math involved, or want to help kick the tires of the user interface please drop me a line or leave a comment.

  1. of web based 3D printing calculators that solve for flowrate for stepper extruders []
  2. Still active as of right now – but get your votes in if you want to let your voice be heard []
March 26, 2011 | Comments Closed

ProfileMaker Version 2.0 is coming!

A few cosmetic details to work out yet…  but I’m almost ready to launch the second version of my ProfileMaker.  I released the first version late last night.

I’d like to think that I’ve increased the number of options while still keeping a slim and intuitive user interface.  I would really appreciate any comments, criticisms, or questions you may have.

March 20, 2011 | Comments Closed

Cross-Platform Profileinator Web App

Some of this write up is over at Thingiverse and some of it is at the end of the ProfileMaker page.

Dave Durant’s program for solving for flowrate is really incredibly helpful.  It is truly a shame that it isn’t more widely used.  I think part of the problem might have been people were intimidated by all the buttons and part of the problem was that it was a Windows only application.  There has since been a port to Java, but that’s not as convenient as a truly web based version.

I’ve hard coded the most common options, but fully intend to bring them back later as advanced options.  For now I just wanted to whip something together to help people out and show them just how easy calibration can really be.  Give it a shot.  If you haven’t printed at 0.2mm layers before, give it a whirl!

I’m really really looking forward to being able to enter values into Skeinforge from my cell phone.

Your suggestions, comments, questions, criticism, e-mails, etc are all welcome and invited.