Custom Printing

One of the most enjoyable things about operating a MakerBot is being able to evaluate a unique problem, creatively design and model a solution, and ultimately bring that solution to reality. Here are some of the ways you can solve problems with a MakerBot Cupcake CNC:

1. Replacement

Window latches, top view

Measuring and modeling an existing part, such as my window latch.

2. Variation

Replacement toy fire truck part, for comparison

Making minor variations to an existing part, such as the toy fire truck swivel which had to be altered to allow overhangs to be printed.

3. Adaptation

Measuring tape

Creating a totally new design to fit existing parts, such as my retractable measuring tape.

4. Customization

X axis tensioner

Designing novel solutions to existing problems, such as my X axis tensioner for the MakerBot Cupcake CNC.

My favorite methods are adaptations and customizations. Adaptations are an interesting example as I had to design a solution where several of the original parts were either missing or too damaged to examine and replicate. Customizations are interesting examples because they involved recognizing a potential problem, designing a possible solution, and iterating through various drafts until a viable solution was realized.

Want to see some of the stuff I’ve designed?

Do you need a custom plastic part?

Really? You do?!?! Great!

Drop me a line and tell me about it! Send me some specs, ask for a quote, or make me an offer!  I’ve got clear PLA, black ABS, white/natural ABS, blue ABS, yellow ABS, red ABS, green ABS, pink ABS, and fluorescent red ABS.