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MakerBlock - International Blogger of Mystery

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  1. dario marrini says:

    Hi, I read your page after a Google’s search; I hope you might spend a little time for helping me; I can’t reach a correct setting of Skeinforge 35 on my Cupcake HBP; if I use small layers, plastic it’s too much; to obtain a decent solid I have to set the layer as the same measure of filament (0.4, caliper measurement); but I always have no correct distances on solid, the out perimeter is smaller, and the internal holes are too small; in another your page your app tell me my layer is too big, and to send a photo if I can print with that layer; here is the photo :

    I hoper you van help me to understand the right way to reach a valid SK configuration

    many thanks, bye

  2. MakerBlock says:

    @Dario: The Profilemaker only works with printers with stepper motor based extruders. It won’t work with a Cupcake CNC as it has a DC motor.

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