How to Fix Broken Flip-Flops

We went to Hawaii last year and had all kinds of adventures.  While on these travels, I took a stance against the $40 flip-flops available at every corner and bought a pair of $1 flip-flops at the local Walmart when we stopped to buy water and supplies.  It wasn’t long after coming home from vacation that the plastic strap began come out of the foam sole.  While I wasn’t expecting a lifetime of use out of the flip-flops, I did find a way to quickly and cheaply fix them.

Occlupanid, bread clip, bread bag clip, bag clip, plastic bread bag clip

These ubiquitous plastic clips found on so many bread bags

Step 1: Find a plastic bread bag clip

This little bit of plastic is the only thing you’ll need to fix your flip flops.1 You may be fortunate enough to find a stash of these in your kitchen junk drawer.

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Step 2: Push plastic strap through flip-flops

Before I attempted this fix, I was already just pushing the plastic strap through the hole in the foam sole.  This worked for a few days, but would eventually work itself loose all over again.  After several weeks, the plastic strap would come out after just a couple of steps.

All you have to do is push the strap back through the foam and have your plastic clip at the ready.

fixed flip flop, fixed flipflops

Just push the plastic bread bag clip around the plastic strap and wear the flip flops as normal

Step 3:  Place plastic bread bag clip around plastic strap

All fixed!  I broke off part of one of the “teeth” on the bread clip as I took it on and off the flip flops while taking these pictures.  Although it worked for several more weeks, I think it would have lasted much longer if I had never taken if off or if I had added a little bit of hot glue to keep it in place.

  1. There is WAY more written about these little plastic clips than I would ever have imagined.  But, that’s the internet for you. []
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