This Post Is A Fraud

Believe the lie

Believe the lie

I’ve been blogging on this site since 11/2009 – almost 4-1/2 years.1 In that time I’ve published just over 1,000 posts23 and I’ve got more than 200 just sitting around in draft form.  Those are posts with partially finished ideas – possibly just a title or a link or a sentence.  Others are almost entirely done, waiting for a small spark of creativity or maybe just an interesting photograph.

February 2014 was the first month in nearly 4-1/2 months that this site went without a new post.  I am a little bummed about that.  There were reasons – but reasons for not having done something are just excuses.  Thus, instead of giving you an excuse, I will offer up this post as a bald-faced lie.  It was “published” on 2/28/2014 at 11:59pm.

Now that my lie is out of the way…  I wanted to add a little bit about the post I have/going to publish about working with paper mache.  In January and February my daughter was working on a project for her science fair – which involved “The Brain and the Sense of Touch.”  As part of the display, she created a paper mache model of the brain so she could point to the different regions and explain what each does.  She says her favorite part was applying the strips of paper and then painting it.  She enjoyed applying the gluey bits of paper and actually making something.  She also enjoyed the painting because she loves painting and colors and being artistic.

  1. Photo courtesy of Chris []
  2. 1,007 including this one []
  3. I like to think that most of the posts made some sort of sense at the time. []
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