Zen and the Art of Cross Stitching

"One screw at a time." - John Grunsfeld

“One screw at a time.” – John Grunsfeld

I love every damn thing about this beautiful post by Rachel aka AverageJaneCrafter.12 I love how she drew inspiration from John Grunsfeld (one of her favorite astronauts), a sweet bit of paperclip art, her first cross-stitch design, and how a quote from that astronaut brought it all together into a simple and elegant statement and artwork.  Her cross-stitch just looks as if all the elements were specifically engineered to one day come together in this one place, for this one purpose.

If you didn’t click through to Rachel’s post, the quote “One screw at a time” refers to how Grunsfeld would go on space walks to repair the Hubble which involved managing more than 100 screws.  To deal with the magnitude of the task, he just focused his mind, not on how many he had finished or had to go, but on “one screw at a time.”

If this man can handle tasks hundreds of miles from the earth while traveling thousands of miles an hour on a mission that probably cost billions, I’m sure as hell going to kick the crap out of today.

  1. Hat tip to Chris Connors for the link []
  2. Photo from Rachel’s blog.  Rachel – I hope you don’t mind me recycling your wonderful artwork here! []
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