To Maker Faire!!!

Road to Maker Faire!

Road to Maker Faire!

Early yesterday morning I got an e-mail from Make saying that my DrawBot project had been accepted to the “Road to Maker Faire Challenge!”  If you check out Make’s latest post inviting applicants for the “Road to Maker Faire Challenge,” you’ll notice the tiny image in the bottom left is from this post.  How cool is that?!

  1. Wanna make a DrawBot?
  2. DrawBot Resources and Links
  3. DrawBot, the Adventure Begins
  4. DrawBot - Parts Ordered!!!
  5. DrawBot - Parts Shipped!!!
  6. DrawBot - What would you draw?
  7. DrawBot – The Assembly, Part I
  8. DrawBot – The Software, Part I (and an existential conversation)
  9. DrawBot – The Delivery, Part IV
  10. DrawBot – The Assembly, Part III
  11. DrawBot – The Assembly, Part IV
  12. DrawBot – Halp!!! No - seriously, a little help?
  13. DrawBot – The Face Palm
  14. i find i want to add more posts in some random series, just so i can use my new plugin
  15. This is a test of the Simple Series post system... This is only a test
  16. ZOMG! Simple Series is going viral!
  17. DrawBot – The Delivery, Part VI
  18. DrawBot – The Assembly, Part V
  19. Simple Series - Half-Life; Market Research
  20. DrawBot – The Assembly, Part VI
  21. DrawBot – The Breakdown, Part II
  22. DrawBot – Printing!
  23. DrawBot – Calibration
  24. DrawBot – How to Recover from a Stalled Print!
  25. Plugin Considerations
  26. Speedier DrawBot Drawings
  27. Two new DrawBot links! And an update!
  28. Maze Code + Polargraph?
  29. Ideas for improving my DrawBot
  30. This project is not going to overengineer itself
  31. Arduino Powered Drawing Robot Poll
  32. Building an Arduino Drawing Robot - On The Cheap
  33. DrawBot, now ACTUALLY wall mounted!
  34. How to add a custom button to the WordPress Visual TinyMCE Editor
  35. A Study of Drawing Robot Pen Holders and Design Considerations
  36. Drawing Robot Pen Holders, Calligraphy Pens, and Thought Experiments
  37. Ideal Qualities in a Drawing Robot Pen Holder
  38. DrawBot Pen Holder Post Mortem
  39. To Maker Faire!!!
  40. Drawing Robot Penmanship
  41. - a new site dedicated to drawing robots

4 Responses to “To Maker Faire!!!”

  1. Marty says:

    Congrats! No more need for jealousy, eh? :)

  2. MakerBlock says:

    @Marty: I know!!! I mean, you haven’t seen gloating until you’ve seen a 6-year-old gloat. Actually, as I loudly overacted my disappointment, she comforted me saying that she would share her display area with me. Then we worked out a plan where I would sneak my project in and set up behind her…

  3. That Dan says:

    I am so envious. Just another opportunity I can’t take advantage of because I’m in the wrong country.

  4. MakerBlock says:

    @That Dan: Well, you could always just come down for the faire. Lots of people come from far and wide. It’s supposed to be one of the two largest of the Maker Faires. It really is something to behold.

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