OCD Plugin Stats and the WordPress.org Statistics API

What you get when you don't use an API

What you get when you don’t use an API

The current version of my WordPress OCD Plugin Stats plugin, is somewhat… clunky.1 When I wrote it I didn’t know that WordPress.org had an API for it’s plugin statistics.2 Thus, the current version essentially scrapes particular WordPress.org plugin pages for information and drops it into the WordPress dashboard.

After poking into the stats on one of my plugin pages the other day I discovered that the source code for the page included several calls to a WordPress.org API.  Why should I bother scraping and interpreting a page of HTML when I can just ask WordPress.org to deliver the exact data I need in a nifty JSON format?!  I’m very much looking forward to adjusting this plugin to use a more direct and simple call to the WordPress API rather than scraping plugin pages.

In any case, if you’re looking for documentation on this, I found a page in the WordPress Codex and a site with a page devoted to documenting the WordPress.org API.

  1. Wanna make a DrawBot?
  2. DrawBot Resources and Links
  3. DrawBot, the Adventure Begins
  4. DrawBot - What would you draw?
  5. DrawBot - Giant Unicorn?
  6. DrawBot - The Delivery, Part II
  7. DrawBot – The Delivery, Part III
  8. DrawBot – The Assembly, Part III
  9. i find i want to add more posts in some random series, just so i can use my new plugin
  10. My first published WordPress plugin! Simple Series!
  11. This is a test of the Simple Series post system... This is only a test
  12. Now Simple Series will also add the series list to RSS feeds too!
  13. ZOMG! Simple Series is going viral!
  14. DrawBot – The Silver Lining of Failure
  15. DrawBot – The Delivery, Part VI
  16. DrawBot – Printed Parts
  17. DrawBot – The Assembly, Part VIII
  18. DrawBot – Calibration
  19. DrawBot – Pen Selection
  20. DrawBot – Onwards and Upwards!
  21. DrawBot – Another Successful(ish) Drawing!, and an Update
  22. DrawBot Aesthetic Re-Design Ideas
  23. Every Body Needs a Skull
  24. I think I know what I want to draw next...
  25. Overengineered Bolt Endcaps, Case Holder
  26. Sourcing DrawBot Parts
  27. DrawBot - A Preview
  28. Building an Arduino Drawing Robot - On The Cheap
  29. DrawBot - Printed Parts Tour
  30. Arduino Powered Drawing Robot - Take 2 (Or 3)
  31. DrawBot, now ACTUALLY wall mounted!
  32. OCD Plugin Stats and the WordPress.org Statistics API
  33. How to add a custom button to the WordPress Visual TinyMCE Editor
  34. A Study of Drawing Robot Pen Holders and Design Considerations
  35. Ideal Qualities in a Drawing Robot Pen Holder
  36. Enough talk! Finally a pen holder!
  37. DrawBot Pen Holder Post Mortem
  38. Skipping! How could I forget the skipping?!
  39. Drawing Robot Penmanship
  40. PlotterBot.com - a new site dedicated to drawing robots

  1. Photo courtesy of peasap []
  2. Apparently they have more statistics than just on plugins []

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