Best Super BoWl Day Ever

Capslock is NOT persuasive

Capslock is NOT persuasive

ToDAY i’ve tinkerED with my DigiSpark From dIGIsTUMP and run it throUGH A few little programs.1 My experienCE with arDuinos is acTUALLY quite limited.  SincE i’M faMILIar with c-style proGRAMMIng languages, I can teLl what an ARDUINO sketch is Doing if i spend enough time staring at the COde.  I staRted off with “Blink,” then cHAnged it tO blink fASTEr, then FOUnd some COde for FLIppING CapsloCK on and off.2

WhAT i like about the dIGIspARK IS that IT IS so small I can keep IT IN THE coffee Table drawer nearesT MY Laptop to tiNKER with WHenever I THINK OF something to TRY.  TherE ARE SOMe interesting littLE FEATURes to the DiGISpark from the arduino i’LL cover IN another posT THAT doesn’t look liKE it was typeD BY A chimp.

The MOST FUnctional pARTS of TODAY have BEEN devoted to PLAYing, MAKING tangram dESIGNS, bloggiNG ABOUt robot pART design, fiddling with a tiny miCROcontROLLER, and, of course, A NAP.  HOW Did you spenD Your super bowl sunday?

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