A watched DigiSpark never boils

Itty bitty microcontroller

Itty bitty microcontroller

I’ve been refreshing my DigiSpark Kickstarter backer/order page for days now watching my spot in the queue go from #3800 to just now under #200. ((Photo courtesy of Clarence Risher))

Since I have such limited experience with Arduinos, I am hoping that this project is a good place to start.  To date my experience with Arduinos had to do with the minor modifications/updates with the Arduino powered motherboard and extruder board for the Cupcake CNC and my DrawBot.

One of the benefits of the DigiSpark that interested me the most was it’s extremely small form factor.  It’s so tiny that I can pop it into a USB port and try out a small Arduino sketch1 without tangling with a USB cable.  And, when not in use I can drop the whole thing into the coffee table drawer.  An Arduino plus USB cable, while still small, are just a little too bulky to toss into the same drawer.  ((Mostly because of all of the other little projects I already have tossed in the same drawer!))

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