Making may have just jumped the shark…



I just saw a commercial for canned biscuits with the tagline of “Let the Making Begin.” 1 More amusing – the bottom of the screen has “#makernation.”

I suppose it’s inevitable that popular trends get co-opted by marketers.  Given that the maker-trend is about actually diving in and making things for oneself, generally from scratch, it seems at odds with “making” by just opening a can and putting the contents in an oven.2

  1. Photo courtesy of Theron LaBounty []
  2. This reminds me of when Wal-Mart began carrying “grunge” clothing. []

4 Responses to “Making may have just jumped the shark…”

  1. MakerBlock says:

    From Tony as well: Nike is suggesting “Makers of the world unite”

  2. cyrozap says:

    Well, encouraging home cooking is better than encouraging people to buy fast food.

  3. MakerBlock says:

    @cyrozap: Canned rolls seem to have none of the benefits of “home cooking” and all of the detriment of fast food (controlling ingredients, knowing what’s going into your food).

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