I have re-written this exact post subject line no less than five times

My pencils?  My pencils are sharp enough.

My pencils? My pencils are sharp enough.

and I’m still not satisfied with it.  ((Photo Credit: Emi Yañez via Compfight))  Ze Frank may just be my brand new hero.  You see, all the things he says in this video are the exact kinds of things I could really stand to hear right now.  I’ve listened to this particular video probably three times now.  I don’t want to listen to it too often as I will probably accidentally memorize it.  I don’t want his words to be like the world “oatmeal” when repeated over and over so that it becomes mush in my mind, devoid of meaning.  I want it to feel like he’s calling me up and leaving an awesome voice mail on my phone.

The title of this post is an interesting thing/problem.  I had several amusing and slightly clever titles.  I rejected several of them after writing just a few words, rejected before they were even fully articulated.  Finally, as with the pencils Ze mentions, I found that the pencils at my disposal were sharp enough.  It was more important to start, than to get it right at first.

No, I’m not just referring to the title of this post.  I’m in the process of launching something on this other website.  I’ve been working on this project off and on for three years.  It’s been super close to launch for the last few months – just waiting for me to do some finishing work.  I’m almost there…

My pencils are sharp enough…

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