Am I too old to want one?

Pssh.  As if.

Pssh. As if.

I know this one guy…  he’s got one…

and he's more than 900 years old

and he's more than 900 years old\

Actually, it’s a TARDIS tent.  For children 5 years and over.12

But, still, how awesome is THAT?!

  1. Size 180 x 90 x 90cm []
  2. 71 x 35½ x 35½” []

3 Responses to “Am I too old to want one?”

  1. Tony Buser says:

    If this were a real tent, like you could use for camping, I’d totally buy one. If I ever went camping. I might go camping, just to use it.

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  3. Jon Soroko says:

    You’re not too old. If you’ll like having it around and it gives you pleasure, by definition you’re not too old. I still like Lego – although I now use it for modeling planning problems – and haven’t yet learned to program Mindstorms – I still want more pieces.
    Personally – I’d like to fill my space with trompe l’oiel (spelling?), and there are props and set decoration from Torchwood, Buffy, and Fringe I’d grab in a minute.