Simple Series with SEO! after just one day

I’m really happy to report that per the stats, this little post series plugin has been downloaded more than 100 times so far.  That’s really awesome.  And, now that I’ve figured out how to work this wacky SVN thing, I think it would be fun to release some of the other random little plugins I’ve developed over the last few years.

As of the latest version 1.4, the plugin is now easy to modify with some CSS added to your stylesheet.  I could have added this as a text field option a settings page for the plugin, but I really like the stripped down simplicity of the plugin as is.  Even with all the comment lines in the plugin, it is only 53 lines of code.  If super short code were a goal1 I could probably cut that in half.2

Now I have to find some of my old plugins that others might find useful.  I’ve got one for frame escaping, one for making pie charts…  I know there are a few other random ones as well.

  1. Wanna make a DrawBot?
  2. DrawBot, the Adventure Begins
  3. DrawBot - Parts Ordered!!!
  4. DrawBot - The Breakdown
  5. DrawBot - Parts Shipped!!!
  6. DrawBot - The Delivery?
  7. DrawBot - The Delivery, Part II
  8. DrawBot – The Delivery, Part III
  9. DrawBot – The Assembly, Part I
  10. DrawBot – The Software, Part I (and an existential conversation)
  11. DrawBot – The Assembly, Part III
  12. DrawBot – The Assembly, Part IV
  13. DrawBot – The Face Palm
  14. A nifty little WordPress plugin...
  15. DrawBot – The Delivery, Part V
  16. i find i want to add more posts in some random series, just so i can use my new plugin
  17. Simple Series WordPress Plugin
  18. ZOMG! Simple Series is going viral!
  19. Simple Series with SEO! after just one day
  20. Anti-Virals
  21. DrawBot – The Operation, Part I
  22. DrawBot – The Assembly, Part VIII
  23. DrawBot – The Breakdown, Part II
  24. DrawBot – Printing!
  25. DrawBot – Printing, Part II
  26. DrawBot – Calibration
  27. DrawBot – Pen Selection
  28. DrawBot – Drawing Success(ish)!!!
  29. DrawBot – Onwards and Upwards!
  30. Plugin Considerations
  31. WordPress Plugin: Easy CC License
  32. WordPress plugin - OCD Plugin Stats
  33. TSP FTW!
  34. Speedier DrawBot Drawings
  35. Two new DrawBot links! And an update!
  36. Excellent DrawBot Slides
  37. DrawBot Practice Tip: A Watched Pot
  38. The biggest inkjet printer ever
  39. Why do DrawBots draw on walls?
  40. All New Polargraph on the way!!!
  41. Ideas for improving my DrawBot
  42. The Eagle Has Landed
  43. Every Body Needs a Skull
  44. This project is not going to overengineer itself
  45. DrawBot - A Tour!
  46. DrawBot - A Preview
  47. Arduino Powered Drawing Robot Poll
  48. Unidentified Foam Object
  49. DrawBot, now ACTUALLY wall mounted!
  50. How to add a custom button to the WordPress editor
  51. OCD Plugin Stats and the Statistics API
  52. How to add a custom button to the WordPress Visual TinyMCE Editor
  53. A Study of Drawing Robot Pen Holders and Design Considerations
  54. Drawing Robot Pen Holders, Calligraphy Pens, and Thought Experiments
  55. Ideal Qualities in a Drawing Robot Pen Holder
  56. To Maker Faire!!!
  57. Skipping! How could I forget the skipping?!
  58. Drawing Robot Penmanship
  59. PlotterBot at Maker Faire Bay Area 2013!

  1. And it isn’t []
  2. Obviously, I’m not going to do this since it would make the code next to illegible []

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