My first published WordPress plugin! Simple Series!

This may seem silly, but I’m really happy with having published my very first plugin on

My Simple Series plugin lets you easily create and helps you automatically maintain a list of posts.  I started writing this plugin because all of the existing ones seemed really clunky and over-engineered.  There’s no need for extra tables in WordPress, brand new taxonomies, or special system requirements.  If you can fire up any recent version of WordPress, you should be able to use this plugin without a problem. 1

As much of a WordPress fanboy as I am, I’ve never actually shared a plugin on the repository.  It was simultaneously easier and more difficult than I thought it would be.  The page that discusses how you can contribute your plugin and talks about “checking out” files makes absolutely no mention of how you’re supposed to do this!

Apparently you require a program to connect to the WordPress SVN to check out the file and commit changes.  On the advice of Schmarty I’m using TortoiseSVN.  Once that was installed and a sub-directory selected, it was relatively easy to commit changes.  If you haven’t tried it before, this whole SVN thing feels like a clunky slow version of FTP.

  1. Of course, now people are going to start e-mailing me with problems… []

2 Responses to “My first published WordPress plugin! Simple Series!”

  1. Dna says:


    It doesn’t show the series list in Google Reader.

    There’s just this down the end.

    [simple_series title="Posts about Simple Series (with a list created by this very plugin!)"]


  2. MakerBlock says:

    @Dna: Haha! Excellent! Thanks man! I think I know how to fix that…