DrawBot – The Delivery, Part V

After frying some unknown number of unknown parts, I’m re-ordering an Adafruit Motor/Stepper/Servo Shield for Arduino Kit v1.0 from MakerBot. 1

Upon its arrival, I’ll need to solder the new board and try, again, to build a DrawBot!

  1. Wanna make a DrawBot?
  2. DrawBot Resources and Links
  3. DrawBot, the Adventure Begins
  4. DrawBot - Parts Ordered!!!
  5. DrawBot - What would you draw?
  6. DrawBot - The Plan!
  7. DrawBot - The Hacks
  8. DrawBot - The Delivery, Part II
  9. DrawBot – The Delivery, Part III
  10. DrawBot – The Software, Part I (and an existential conversation)
  11. DrawBot – The Delivery, Part IV
  12. DrawBot – The Assembly, Part III
  13. DrawBot – The Assembly, Part IV
  14. A nifty little WordPress plugin...
  15. DrawBot – The Delivery, Part V
  16. Now Simple Series will also add the series list to RSS feeds too!
  17. Anti-Virals
  18. DrawBot – The Assembly, Part VIII
  19. DrawBot – The Breakdown, Part II
  20. DrawBot – Printing!
  21. DrawBot – Why are you crying?
  22. DrawBot – Calibration
  23. DrawBot – Pen Selection
  24. DrawBot – Drawing Success(ish)!!!
  25. DrawBot – Onwards and Upwards!
  26. DrawBot – Another Successful(ish) Drawing!, and an Update
  27. WordPress plugin - OCD Plugin Stats
  28. TSP FTW!
  29. Speedier DrawBot Drawings
  30. Two new DrawBot links! And an update!
  31. Excellent DrawBot Slides
  32. DrawBot Practice Tip: A Watched Pot
  33. The biggest inkjet printer ever
  34. Why do DrawBots draw on walls?
  35. Overengineered Spools
  36. Overengineered Stepper Motor Mounts, Filament Guides
  37. Building an Arduino Drawing Robot - On The Cheap
  38. Apparently WordPress.org serves up even more delicious download stats
  39. OCD Plugin Stats and the WordPress.org Statistics API
  40. How to add a custom button to the WordPress Visual TinyMCE Editor
  41. A Study of Drawing Robot Pen Holders and Design Considerations

  1. Option #2, recall? []

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