Here’s the plugin download stats for “Simple Series with SEO!” for the first three days.

  1. 1/26/2012: 1 download1
  2. 1/27/2012: 99 downloads2
  3. 1/28/2012: 37 downloads3

It looks after being bumped from the newest plugins slot, the downloads dropped precipitously.  So much for going viral, money, and fame, eh?

Actually, I’m happy to have helped out a 100 people or so.  I also think a lot more people will end up using this plugin over time.  The alternatives, while very good, are more difficult to use and do tend to add a lot of other stuff into your WordPress installation.

  1. Wanna make a DrawBot?
  2. DrawBot - Parts Ordered!!!
  3. DrawBot - The Breakdown
  4. DrawBot - What would you draw?
  5. DrawBot - The Hacks
  6. DrawBot - Giant Unicorn?
  7. DrawBot - The Delivery?
  8. DrawBot – The Assembly, Part III
  9. DrawBot – The Assembly, Part IV
  10. DrawBot – Halp!!! No - seriously, a little help?
  11. i find i want to add more posts in some random series, just so i can use my new plugin
  12. Simple Series WordPress Plugin
  13. My first published WordPress plugin! Simple Series!
  14. This is a test of the Simple Series post system... This is only a test
  15. Now Simple Series will also add the series list to RSS feeds too!
  16. ZOMG! Simple Series is going viral!
  17. Anti-Virals
  18. Simple Series - Half-Life; Market Research
  19. DrawBot – The Assembly, Part VI
  20. DrawBot – The Operation, Part I
  21. DrawBot – The Assembly, Part VIII
  22. DrawBot – The Breakdown, Part II
  23. DrawBot – Printing!
  24. DrawBot – Pen Selection, Part II
  25. TSP FTW!
  26. Two new DrawBot links! And an update!
  27. Excellent DrawBot Slides
  28. Another Drawing Robot!!!
  29. The biggest inkjet printer ever
  30. The Eagle Has Landed
  31. Every Body Needs a Skull
  32. I think I know what I want to draw next...
  33. Overengineered Spools
  34. Overengineered Bolt Endcaps, Case Holder
  35. Building an Arduino Drawing Robot - On The Cheap
  36. DrawBot - Printed Parts Tour
  37. How to add a custom button to the WordPress Visual TinyMCE Editor
  38. A Study of Drawing Robot Pen Holders and Design Considerations
  39. Ideal Qualities in a Drawing Robot Pen Holder
  40. DrawBot Pen Holder Post Mortem
  41. Skipping! How could I forget the skipping?!

  1. That was me installing it in another blog! []
  2. And a blog ain’t one []
  3. I have nothing clever to say about this. []

3 Responses to “Anti-Virals”

  1. cyrozap says:

    37 downloads? PROOF OF EXXA TERRESTRALS!

  2. Liana Mir says:

    While I commend your plugin and think it will find many users, I disagree vehemently that Organize Series is not as simple. It’s simpler because it’s just like a category and I can rearrange the order by simply adding a number to the box when I select a series. I keep checking out the alternatives for more features and not switching because Organize Series is the best of a small lot.

  3. MakerBlock says:

    @Liana: Um… okay.

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