Here’s the plugin download stats for “Simple Series with SEO!” for the first three days.

  1. 1/26/2012: 1 download1
  2. 1/27/2012: 99 downloads2
  3. 1/28/2012: 37 downloads3

It looks after being bumped from the newest plugins slot, the downloads dropped precipitously.  So much for going viral, money, and fame, eh?

Actually, I’m happy to have helped out a 100 people or so.  I also think a lot more people will end up using this plugin over time.  The alternatives, while very good, are more difficult to use and do tend to add a lot of other stuff into your WordPress installation.

  1. That was me installing it in another blog! []
  2. And a blog ain’t one []
  3. I have nothing clever to say about this. []

3 Responses to “Anti-Virals”

  1. cyrozap says:

    37 downloads? PROOF OF EXXA TERRESTRALS!

  2. Liana Mir says:

    While I commend your plugin and think it will find many users, I disagree vehemently that Organize Series is not as simple. It’s simpler because it’s just like a category and I can rearrange the order by simply adding a number to the box when I select a series. I keep checking out the alternatives for more features and not switching because Organize Series is the best of a small lot.

  3. MakerBlock says:

    @Liana: Um… okay.