Themes from Doctor Who Series 6

Stop reading if you think mentioning stuff about the episodes that have already aired on BBC America to date would be considered… spoilers.

  • Amy giving up on Rory. She seemed to give up on performing CPR on Rory during the pirate-y episode.  Later, in the Doctor’s Wife episode, she’s confronted with visions of Rory accusing her of abandoning her.
  • Rory’s interest in other ladies. Rory certainly was taken with the siren in the pirate-y episode, much to the dismay of Amy.  Later, in the goo-people episode he’s comforting and valiantly defending a goo-girl, again to the visible dismay of Amy.
  • Other ladies’ interest in Rory. There’s the goo-girl and, to a certain extent, Irids. 1
  • Silence/Silents. Looking back at over Series 5 and 6 and the Library two-parter where River Song is introduced, there are a number of mentions of Silence.  “Silence in the Library,” being an obvious point – along with people actually using the word “silents/silence” several times.  There are a number of mentions of “silence/silents” all throughout Series 5, I haven’t checked but probably in every episode at some point.  Remember the Christmas Carol episode?  The song the frozen girl sings includes the word silence prominently.
  • Pseudo-TARDIS. In the Lodger episode where the Doctor is stranded on Earth while the TARDIS phases in and out with Amy inside, there’s an alien ship on top of a house.  The Doctor describes the ship as a kind of TARDIS with a perception filter.  If you re-watch that episode and then the end of “The Day Of The Moon”  you’ll notice that the Silents’ machine they’re standing around is a dead ringer for the alien ship sitting on top of the house in The Lodger.  The Doctor even mumbles2 “Very Aikman Road” as soon as he steps out of his TARDIS into the Silents’ room.


This post is from June – with lots of time to go before the resumption of Series 6.  I think it would be interesting to revisit this list in light of the second half of this last season.

  1. “Hello Pretty!” []
  2. You need to turn on closed caption to really get it []

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