Yarr!!! I’m BACK, baby!

The blog?  BACK.

ProfileMaker?  Also BACK by overwhelming popular demand!

New host?  CHECK!!!

As far as I can tell, there are three major drawbacks.  First, the amount of work involved in changing hosts.  That’s a serious freaking pain.  MySQL DB’s, files, and e-mails, oh my.  Second, this theme isn’t working as well as it once did – so the blue lego in the top left corner is gone.  (For now).  Third, there’s still a little weirdness on the admin side of this blog – but don’t you worry, I’ll keep you from ever noticing!

2 Responses to “Yarr!!! I’m BACK, baby!”

  1. cyrozap says:

    See my blog entry about the admin weirdness–you may be having the same problems I had: http://cyrozap.com/2011/08/13/wordpress-admin-errors/

  2. Dave says:

    Welcome back!

    I, for one, welcome the new host overlord.