Why I am not a gambler

SMBC Comic

SMBC Comic

See, I’m not a gambler.  For any amount that I’d feel comfortable wagering, it would literally just be easier and take less time for to work a few extra hours.  I recognize that if you’re an actual mathematician you could basically assure yourself of coming out ahead, but I’m just not interested in investing the time of time and resources to assuring myself of a successful gambling attempt.  Again, it would be easier and less time consuming to just work a few extra hours rather than figuring out how to game a system.

In any case, anyone who enjoys gambling would probably tell you it’s the uncertainty, the rush, the thrill of gambling that they enjoy.  If you offered them a way to increase their odds through strict mathematical approaches, they’d probably reject it.  I am not able to enjoy it at all.  I find gambling very stressful.  The moment you put your money on the table, you’re already down and you’re hoping to break even or come out ahead from that point forward.

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