Do you have an old Pez dispenser?

I’m in the process of designing a disc magazine for the open source disc shooter.  Ideally, I would like it to have a snap-together design and use rubber bands where possible.  However, it occurs to me that any standard or readily available piece of hardware could be useful too.  To that end, I thought that a Pez dispenser might operate in a fashion very similar to what I require for a disc magazine.

However, I don’t recall ever taking apart a Pez dispenser to examine the spring inside.  Given the length of a Pez dispenser and the thinness of the discs I’m using, this spring could very well be ideal.

Unfortunately, I don’t have a Pez dispenser handy.  I’ve searched Google and Flickr for people having looked inside the dispenser, but haven’t had any luck.

So!  Do you have an old Pez dispenser?  Would you mind destroying it, examining, photographing, and posting details about it?

July 9, 2011 | Comments Closed

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