Surprising spam comment

There was this spam comment to a recent post referencing Doctor Who’s sixth season:

..As with the series of Doctor Who last year the final two episodes before the finale have been much more small scale and in some ways a little different. Last week we had a largely Doctor-less story Love and Monsters and this week we got Fear Her a which is set largely in one single.

The wildest thing about this comment is that it isn’t entirely off base.  The comment relates to the third season of Doctor Who with Martha Jones and the two episodes “Love and Monsters” and “Fear Her.” 1  Someone supposedly named “E. Keith Owens” using the e-mail address “” who posted that spam comment apparently stole it from this website.

I have to wonder – is this a crazy new form of spam?  Did they just type in a few keywords and then get two blogs – mine and that other one – then try to copy/paste our content as comments into each other, and try to get a link back to their crappy foreign exchange website? 2

What incredible nonsense.  As with stupid scareware, why don’t smart people just spend their time creating things that offer value in exchange for money?

  1. Incidentally, two of my least favorite episodes. []
  2. I deleted your link.  So there.  :P  []
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Yesterday was a good day

Twice yesterday I had someone ask me, “Do you know something I don’t know?”

Whenever someone asks me that question, I get downright giddy and reply, “I know many things you do not know.”

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Before I had robots…

My favorite open source project was WordPress.  Now, don’t get me wrong, I love me my WordPress, but I tend to usually spend my precious tinkering time with robots.

But sometimes, such as this very morning, I enjoy just a little bit of tinkering.  I’ve made a few very subtle changes to the blog.  You shouldn’t notice unless you do something very odd here.  If you do, you might notice a little extra wibbley wobbley in your timey wimey.

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Congratulations Renosis!

Renosis and I had a friendly dispute.  We decided to settle it by challenge – a Maker challenge.

I have a feeling Maker disputes are different from other kinds of disputes.  Even though we were competing against each other, we still consulted each other, bounced ideas off one another, and, I like to think shared in each other’s successes.  But, at the end of the day, he got more Likes for his epic Gangsta Chess Set than I got for my Fez Pezsta.

Would you like to know what the dispute was?  Of course you would!

Renosis was sending me two of his extra bearings and a few extra hardware bits for the X-Axis Follower and wouldn’t accept any payment in exchange.  We were both being stubborn about that point – he didn’t want to accept the $11 and I was insisting on paying.

If I won he would accept the $11.  If he won, I would not pay him $11.  :)