Pick me! Pick me!

Okay, I’ve gotten the clearance from Pattywac to join in the United We Stand team design challenge.  Although I voluntarily take myself out of the running from every challenge, I love participating.  They’re just too much damn fun.  :)

I never participate in the judging on these things – but it would look a little odd to have me be both someone who blogs about something and a guy who is the subject of the blog post.  Blogging here at MakerBlock.com, I happily post about anything that comes to mind, even if it is ridiculously self-indulgent.  However, I really don’t want the posts at MakerBot to be about me – I want them to be about the awesome stuff people are doing in the DIY 3D printing community.

The potentially ethical problem I faced with this most recent challenge is that as a team design challenge, I wouldn’t want to disqualify an entire team of people just because I was on it. 1  So, my proposal to MakerBot and Pattywac was that as part of any team, I would agree to forgo any winnings of any kind. 2  This was acceptable to both.

So, are you interested in collaborating on this design challenge?  I’d be especially interested in getting collaborative help on any of my existing projects, going from my highest interest3 to lower interest4 :

  1. Clockwork spider5
  2. Open source disc shooter
  3. A printable clock that actually keeps time
  4. A sonic screwdriver
  5. A dalek that can rotate it’s head, roll, and move it’s gun, eyestalk, and plunger6
  6. A better Voltron
  7. A puzzle box
  1. And, really, having me on your team is hindrance enough. []
  2. I just want to feel included! []
  3. #1 []
  4. #7 []
  5. I’ve already had input and help from Dna on this []
  6. Mad props to innovationbylayers for the existing dalek on Thingiverse []

4 Responses to “Pick me! Pick me!”

  1. Aaron Double says:

    I can probably help out with the clock if you like. I would say the Voltron but it’s lower on your list and actually, the clock is easier, I would totally geek out on the Voltron (that lamborghini took 26hrs in a 40hr period. my wife was not happy about that one!) To properly do the Voltron would take much longer.

  2. MakerBlock says:

    @Aaron: Wait, wait, wait… You MODELED that Lamborghini?! I thought you just grabbed a scan or existing model of it from somewhere. Dude, you crazy!

  3. Aaron Double says:

    It was part of a work project, the client mailed me a 10in long version made in bondo and I took photos and used calipers and made the lamborghini. The final version isn’t out yet but I can say that it will be 3.1in long and made out of a verrrry precious metal by a company that makes things like that. They are only going to make 80.

    I’ve never posted something that I grabbed from the internet.

  4. […] been really hoping someone would design a printable clock for a while now.  I need hope no […]