Spiders + Robots = two great tastes that taste great together

I just uploaded my latest designs to Thingiverse.  I’m working on a RoboSpider using a set of gears run in an elliptical cycle.  I’ve been through a few revisions already and just came up with a new idea on how to design it with a thinner profile and hopefully work more reliably.

Unfortunately, the snap-together system I had designed just wasn’t working very well.  Also, my very VERY DIY gears are a poor substitute for using a legit gear script.  They don’t mesh that well and it shows.  I think I’ll give Cbiffle’s spur gear script filter for Greg Frost’s gear script a shot.

In the meantime, is anyone interested in designing a little rubber band powered motor to drive this thing?

2 Responses to “Spiders + Robots = two great tastes that taste great together”

  1. Dna says:

    Sure, how much space do I have ? Do you want a mousetrap type, ie rubber band powered lever unrolling a string or do you want one that rolls the band around an axle and unrolls it ?


  2. MakerBlock says:

    @Dna: Sweet! My old design concept would enable only one pair of legs per gear mechanism. My new design concept will allow for two pairs of legs per gear mechanism. I haven’t decided how the two gear mechanisms will attach or precisely how the gear mechanisms will be driven. I’ve designed them so that they could be driven directly with an axle, indirectly through a worm gear, or indirectly through a bevel gear, if necessary. So, basically, if you can deliver a rubber band engine I’m sure we can find a way to get it to drive this little beastie. Overall, having the rubber band rolled around an axle might work best.