Cross-Platform Profileinator Web App

Some of this write up is over at Thingiverse and some of it is at the end of the ProfileMaker page.

Dave Durant’s program for solving for flowrate is really incredibly helpful.  It is truly a shame that it isn’t more widely used.  I think part of the problem might have been people were intimidated by all the buttons and part of the problem was that it was a Windows only application.  There has since been a port to Java, but that’s not as convenient as a truly web based version.

I’ve hard coded the most common options, but fully intend to bring them back later as advanced options.  For now I just wanted to whip something together to help people out and show them just how easy calibration can really be.  Give it a shot.  If you haven’t printed at 0.2mm layers before, give it a whirl!

I’m really really looking forward to being able to enter values into Skeinforge from my cell phone.

Your suggestions, comments, questions, criticism, e-mails, etc are all welcome and invited.


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