7 Responses to “Create and upload something and I will Flattr you”

  1. ryan Plumley says:

    Okay not to make a cash grab, but I just got a flattr account and uploaded my model of the US CPSC small part test tube.
    I’m hoping this will be a fun way for myself and others to make more things

  2. MakerBlock says:

    @Ryan Plumley: Okay, it didn’t include any of the three requirements… but I’m a dad too and I love that thing! Flattr’d!

  3. Tony Buser says:

    So you want like a Turducken? A hook, whistle, bottle opener – a Hoowhisener?

  4. MakerBlock says:

    @Tony Buser: That is EXACTLY what I’m talking about. Now, someone could very well fire up OpenSCAD, import three STL files, and then save as one big mess. That would count. But, the spirit of the challenge is to do so in a useful way.

  5. ryan Plumley says:

    Ha! I made my own contest based on the title and a glance at the rest. Ill work com the real one this weekend! UMMM HOWdo you whistle on a coat hanger?

  6. MakerBlock says:

    @Ryan Plumley: Dude, I’m a dad too – so I appreciated the child safety tool. I was happy to flattr even if it didn’t meet the criteria.

    Look, look, look – I’m not saying a coat hanger, whistle, and bottle opener is practical. I’m just saying they should exist. :)