Packing for time travel

I suppose a more adventurous sort would just leap into a time machine heedless of the consequences. I tend to be more deliberative. Here’s what I’m planning to take in my foray into the past:

  • A small netbook.  My itty bitty red Dell Mini 10.  Zero battery life, bad resolution, super light weight.
  • An analog notebook.  It’s made of paper.  AKA my “big book of ideas.”  This is actually my fifth such book.  The last four are sitting on a shelf.  Unlike prior versions this is entirely homemade from recycled print paper and a grocery bag.
  • A camera smartphone.
  • At least two varieties of USB cables for charging bluetooth and charging/tethering phone.
  • Maybe a book.  I haven’t decided which one.  I’ve been meaning to reread The Diamond Age.
  • A backpack and a satchel.  I say satchel, but I’ll readily admit it’s a manpurse. 1

What am I missing?

  1. Don’t ever fight who you are. []

6 Responses to “Packing for time travel”

  1. Xaq Rothman says:

    The Diamond Age is essential reading for all reprappers.

  2. MakerBlock says:

    @Xaq: I couldn’t agree more!

  3. Dave says:

    Don’t forget to pack your “I’m not a terrorist” undies! The TSA will appreciate your proactive cooperation.

    And, yeah, Diamond Age. Or Anathem, if you haven’t gotten to it yet.

  4. MakerBlock says:

    @Dave: The enhanced pat down SUCKS. I wish I were kidding. I brought the Diamond Age. Anathema is great, but JetBlue has weight and size limits. Had to leave it at home.

  5. beak90 says:

    Analog notebook! That’s hilarious! I like how you have to distinguish nowadays. Could you open source that so I can use that too?

  6. MakerBlock says:

    @beak90: I would totally open source it! I took photos of my assembly, which was ages ago, but I’ll def post the directions and photos of the end product.