Right click

As someone with a modicum of javascript, URL hacking, and a passing familiarity with Firebug I sneer at websites that use javascript to disable right clicks.  Frankly, I’m amazing anyone would bother doing it.  There are just too many ways around these “protections” to make them worthwhile.

I recently was reading a website and started to select some text… to discover that they had included some javascript which blanked the content if you tried to select anything.  And, of course, they disabled right click as well.  There are hardly impediments to anyone who’s been using a web browser for more than a few years – but I found the experience amusing nonetheless.

If your content is important, why not do something to actually protect it rather than just annoy legitimate users?

If your content isn’t important enough to try some kind of actual protection schema, why are you bothering at all?

November 8, 2010 | Comments Closed

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