Help with the Disc Shooter?

The other day I sketched up a concept of a disc shooter – the style that used to be available in grocery store aisles at about my eye level.  Strangely enough I noticed over time they moved them lower and lower on the shelves until they stopped carrying them entirely.

In any case, I’d really like to print out an open source version of a disc shooter.  I was figuring that since we’re such good friends and all, you’d be willing to help out.  I’ve already gotten the ball rolling and posted my work designing the various components.

I realize this is a frivolous use of your time, but wouldn’t it be cool to be all “pew pew!” and then I’d be all “pew pew pew!” 1

  1. I want to print mine in clear PLA so I can see the bits inside working and the discs in fluorescent red so they’re easier to find. []
November 29, 2010 | Comments Closed

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