Trying to go Open Source

Don’t throw anything at me, but I’m not a fan of Mac products.  I don’t own an iPad, iPod, or iPhone and have never used iTunes.  Windows XP has it’s flaws, don’t get me wrong, but it basically just works and I can use most products with it as I choose.  Other than my operating system, I only use free/open source software.

I booted my laptop with an Ubuntu flash drive the other day, determined to give it a shot.  Unfortunately, I couldn’t get it to recognize any WiFi networks and gave up.  I can’t do a whole lot with a computer if I can’t connect it to the ‘net wirelessly.

Thus endeth my attempts with Ubuntu for now.  :)

4 Responses to “Trying to go Open Source”

  1. Sven Hecht says:

    What did you try? which Ubuntu?
    I’m using “U”buntu on 3 machines all runnning different wifi-cards, one’s a laptop, no problems.

  2. Sum Guy says:

    If its the WiFi card in your laptop, you could try NDISwrapper.

  3. MakerBlock says:

    @Sven Hecht: I tried the netbook version here . I fiddled around with it a while and just couldn’t make heads or tails of the wireless config. It didn’t seem to detect the card or any networks.

  4. MakerBlock says:

    @Sum Guy: It was a built-in wifi card in the Dell Mini10. Is that a program that runs in Ubuntu?