Blueprints for building a Dalek

You must already know by now that I am a fan of Doctor Who.  I really wanted to build one as a kid – and had even heard the BBC had long ago published and gave away designs on how to make your own.  Then, about a week ago I saw this blog post showing a form letter kid received from the BBC in the mid-eighties after inquiring about the plans.  The letter from the Doctor Who Production Office politely and patiently explains the plans, originally released in 1973, included cost projections that were out of date.  There’s a short disclaimer saying the kid should not use it for commercial purposes, etc.  And, they close with an apologetic not saying they are unable to assist with finding suppliers.

Yesterday morning another blog post went up linking to the actual plans themselves!  There’s also a link to Project Dalek – a fan site for people who share information about the Daleks they are building.

Edit: Each page of the plans are scanned and online as separate GIFs, one set as black and white and the other set as grayscale.  I’ve zipped the scans and turned each set into a separate PDF.  I’ll upload them shortly.