Why doesn’t MakerBot carry PLA any more?

I just noticed they don’t have this any more.  It seems like it’s a popular choice and people1 are able to get it to print well.  The odd thing is that their store doesn’t say they’re out of stock, it doesn’t list this any more.

What’s up with that?

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3 Responses to “Why doesn’t MakerBot carry PLA any more?”

  1. Cameron says:

    It is strange. I’ve been printing with PLA and a standard MakerBot MK3 extruder on a RepStrap for a bit now. I’m still working in the RepRap host software to try and eliminate oozing, but so far it’s printing well.

  2. beak90 says:

    I talked to them a while ago and its because they said they were getting so many complaints of it not working that they didnt want to be held liable for it. And other people sell PLA so theres no reason for them to.

  3. MakerBlock says:

    @beak90: Oh, that’s kind of a bummer. I know a LOT of people have been able to get PLA to work for them. I’m just not one of them. Then again, I played with it, messed up my own extruder through my own fault (I’m pretty sure it was because of temperature shenanigans), and never went back. In some ways, I’m a terrible innovator for MakerBot. I’m having so much fun designing and printing that I don’t want to take time away from actually making stuff (and blogging about it) to spend too much time dialing in settings or getting PLA to work. However, I’m determined to get it to work. When I do, you can bet I’m publishing my settings. :)