Revising the 3x2x1 Rubik’s “Cube”

3x2x1 Rubik's Cube

3x2x1 Rubik's Cube

I finally found the time to print a copy of my 3x2x1 Rubik’s Cube.  Having printed it, I’d make a number of improvements in the next design iteration.  I would:

  • Make the circular slots in the center cubes smaller or the circular tabs in the four outside cubes larger.
  • Enlargen the holes for the nut and bolt.
  • Make these cubes solid so that they slide against each other easier.1
  • Consider replacing the entire nut/bolt requirement with a connection similar to the becco block connectors.  This would make for a totally printable solution.
  • Print the cubes two at a time to minimize warping without a heated build platform.

It slides reasonably well and is certainly functional.  However, after several center cube rotations I will tighten the center bolt.2

  1. The four cube sections at the extremities are hollow. []
  2. The hole for the nut is tight enough that it doesn’t rotate as I turn the bolt. []
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