Real life sonic screwdriver

This morning I received an e-mail from Bre out of the blue introducing me to Travis Goodspeed.  Apparently Travis has been working on building sonic screwdriver guts out of the GoodFET, a universal JTAG programmer, a “sonic screwdriver of hacking.”  Travis suggested a GoodFET could be programmed to act as a TV-B-Gone, light show, or any number of other things.  Given that his circuit board is about 3″ x 0.85″ x 0.2″1 , there shouldn’t be a problem finding space for it in the sonic screwdriver I’m in the middle of designing2

Freaking sweet.

So, here’s my real life sonic screwdriver wishlist:

  • Lights.  Red LED3 , white LED4 , green LED5 , and a UV LED6
  • An actual screwdriver bit or spot where you can attach a screwdriver bit.  It would just be cool to have a sonic screwdriver that could be used as a screwdriver.
  • A shakey Tic-Tac container style recharger.  Having a sonic screwdriver that doesn’t need batteries would be awesome.
  • A tiny speaker that played the sonic screwdriver sound.
  • A tiny magnet.  I remember watching Doctor Who back in the day, black and white old school episodes, where he used his sonic screwdriver to take screws out of things, bolts out of doors, etc in the worst stop motion animation the BBC could get away with.  Still, if this sonic screwdriver had a magnet, it could actually affect a physical change via magnetic force.
  • TV-B-Gone.  On the episode “Midnight” Doctor Who shuts off a bunch of TV’s using his sonic screwdriver.  This would be an INCREDIBLE feature!
  • Flash drive and/or mini-memory card reader.  Perhaps with the entire library from installed.
  1. For those of you non-imperialists out there: 76.2mm x 21.59mm x 5.08mm []
  2. TBuser, if you want to help, lemme know! []
  3. For night vision.  Also, there are suggestions that a sonic screwdriver can have a “red setting.” []
  4. As a flashlight. []
  5. The 11th Doctor’s screwdriver has a green light. []
  6. For making things fluoresce such as secret messages, blood stains, and monsters. []

2 Responses to “Real life sonic screwdriver”

  1. Andrew says:

    oooh! +1 to tv b gone, that would actually make it a magical device! trying to get it down to one led would be good, is there a way to have an ir led backlit with green and still work?

  2. MakerBlock says:

    @Andrew: Why not just have an IR LED and a green LED instead of a green backlit IR LED?