Poll dancing

96% of people polled want MakerBot to hire me to blog for them.  4% hate me and would rather have a sharp poke in the eye than read another word I’ve written.  Oh well, you can’t live your life without controversy.

I’m leaving this poll open until MakerBot hires me, so we should all just get used to it.  :)

3 Responses to “Poll dancing”

  1. Dna says:

    Woot !!

    congrats dude.

    Looking forward to even more of your dribble, err succinct and accurate comments.



  2. […] been posting around 1.5 posts per day for the last year or so. We didn’t just hire him because almost everybody says we should… the guy can actually write and his writing has a great voice and he has been dedicated to […]

  3. MakerBlock says:

    @Dna: I’ll try to rein in my propensity for verbose statements of a meandering nature. :) (Thanks!)