It’s that time of year – to frustrate friends and family

So, I’ve got a birthday coming up.  Getting older doesn’t bother me much – it’s really just a number associated with the number of times I’ve traveled around the sun. 1  I will gleefully relate to anyone that I’m easily the luckiest man in the world.  I’ve got a wonderful family, good friends, everyone is healthy, interesting and challenging work, and a fair amount of free time to do with as I wish.  These are the sorts of things that are truly important to me, so by any measure of success I care about, I’ve got it all.

With my birthday approaching, my family starts to ask me about what they can get me for a present.  My usual answer is, “Nothing, let’s just hang out.”  This year, I actually have a list.

As it looks like both MakerGear and MakerBot are out of the magic pixie dust that will let me print in PLA without tears, the rest of my list is as follows:

I’m rather excited about some of these upgrades.  I’m looking forward to a heated build platform for smoother warp free ABS builds.  I’m looking forward to the rainbow pack for some crazy wacky fun. 2  And, I’m looking forward to needed the extra spare parts as infrequently as possible.  :)  Since my last major repair, I’ve been lucky enough to enjoy several months of carefree printing. 3

  1. It also seems to be related to the number of gray hairs that are appearing.  I rather like them, actually. []
  2. Freaking VOLTRON, remember? []
  3. I really hope I didn’t jinx myself []

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