An honorary Duggar

Nophead’s Mendel1 has produced 15 sets of Mendel parts, and is hard at work on it’s 16th!!!  My understanding is that it would take about 60 hours to print a full set of Mendel parts.  I have to admire anyone who prints up Mendel/Mini-Mendel parts because of the amount of dedication it would take to do so.  After spending 90 hours2 printing something, I don’t know that I could part with it.

My point is that we really have guys like Nophead, Spacexula, and Cyrozap3 to thank for cranking out parts and pushing replication forward.

I hereby bestow upon you gentlemen the Duggar medal of continuous replication.

  1. I don’t know if he’s named it yet – so I’ll call it Anna until he corrects me. []
  2. I’m just assuming it would take me 50% longer since I don’t know what I’m doing… []
  3. Dude, I realized yesterday I’ve been misspelling your name.  I’ll go back through and fix that – sorry! []

9 Responses to “An honorary Duggar”

  1. cyrozap says:

    It’s ok, just do a find and replace in your WordPress database (that’s how I fixed my blog when I changed domains). Also, I didn’t even notice that you had been spelling my name wrong until you mentioned it!

    Oh, and just a correction, I’ve only printed half of a Mendel set and half of a Mendel Mini set. My MakerBot just doesn’t like build plates.

  2. nophead says:

    Where did you get 16th from? My Mendel (with no name) is currently slaving away on child no 34, while I am at work, I hope.

  3. JohnA says:

    34th set! Amazing. I printed 8 sets and then stopped to assemble our own Mendel. I’m guessing by the time MakerFaire is over the prices for Mendel parts will be so low I probably won’t mess with printing more sets.

  4. MakerBlock says:

    @nophead: Hoo boy. This is just my day for printing retractions/corrections. I saw your post from July pop up in my RSS feed last night. Apparently in internet and RepRap self-replication time, that was ages time.

    Wait a second… You’ve gone from 16 sets to 34 sets in a little over a month? If each set takes ~60 hours, how many machines do you you have churning out parts?

  5. […] Update:  Cyrozap – sory fore mispellnig yoru mane. […]

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  7. MakerBlock says:

    @Cyrozap: Okay, I fixed up the spellings old skool style. Including a totally insincere apology. :)

  8. MakerBlock says:

    @JohnA: Dude, 8 sets is pretty incredible. Which MakerFaire are you going to? Honestly, I don’t see how printing sets is terribly cost effective right now – I just assume people are printing them up because they care about RepRap – not that they’re in it for the money.

  9. nophead says:

    It takes about 48 hours for me to print a Mendel as I use 0.6mm filament for the larger parts and print the gears and pulleys with 0.375mm filament on HydraRaptor in parallel. So I complete 3 machines a week if I am not away from home and nothing breaks. It does take up virtually all my spare time and my wife does a lot too.

    Currently printing no 35.